Results of the joint transnational call JTC 2023

Thirteen research consortia have been selected to receive a total of almost 17 million euros 

Results of the joint transnational call JTC 2023
Results of the joint transnational call JTC 2023

The Joint Transnational Call (JTC) 2023 has successfully concluded, selecting 13 consortia for funding, with an overall allocation of almost 17 million euros dedicated to advancing translational research on cancer epigenetics. The selected projects reflect a commitment to innovation and excellence, promising to contribute significantly to the field. The funding will support these consortia in exploring new frontiers in cancer research, potentially leading to breakthroughs in diagnosis, treatment, and prevention strategies.

The awarded projects are listed below in alphabetical order according to their acronym.

Project Acronym 

Project Title

DC2M-TAECDetection, Classification, Characterization and Treatment Monitoring of Tumors by Accessible Epigenetic Classification
DICEEpigenomic regulation of cancer immunity by dietary intervention
EPI_T-ALLUnveiling the Epigenetic Landscape and Therapeutic Implications of Epigenetic Modifiers in Human T-cell Leukemia Initiation and Progression
EPILUCAFSChronic stress and immunosuppression in lung cancer: focus on epigenetic drivers in cancer-associated fibroblasts
EPILUNAREpigenomic Profiling of Liquid Biopsy and Immunotherapy Resistance in Lung Cancer
EpiNanSarcSarcoma subtyping and stratification using genome-wide epigenetic profiling
EPIPROPERIdentifying EPIgenetic determinants and biomarkers of drug resistance via characterization of PROspective PERsister cells
EXPLORE-NBExploring the epigenetic neuroblastoma landscape to improve measurable disease monitoring, disease understanding and personalized treatment
HYDRACharting the epigenomic trajectory of progression towards metastatic colorectal cancer
REACHReversing Epitranscriptomic Alterations for CHemosensitization of Pancreatic Cancer
REACTIONDeciphering Epigenetic Biomarkers to Identify Preleukemic Carriers at Risk
SCIE-PANCStromal Compartment and Immune Epigenome spatial networks to counter therapy evasion in PANcreatic Cancer
SPELCASTERStandardized Profiling of Epigenetic Loci for decentralized ClAssification of Sinonasal Tumors and idEntification of therapy Response markers